Our story on Valentines Day in the Newspaper

Her final chapter was one we wrote together. Where the dreams of her life coalesced into a beautiful present, full of love, joy, professional and academic accomplishment. The day she passed away we would have given her 2 week notice. A company in Texas she had 2 facetime interviews with on our honeymoon had decided to let her choose between two positions and would have paid her substantially more than she was making here in St Paul. She was also just accepted at the U of Green Bay to begin the process of her Masters Degree in Nursing.

The years of struggle, pain, heartbreak and unfulfilled desires had been washed away and were being replaced with a passion for me and for our prospects of a long life together. Her drive to find a way to help people get fit and loose weight by becoming a BeachBody Coach also helped her, knowing that fit people might never need her constant care as a Dialysis Nurse. Her long desire for children we were already trying to fulfill as we began trying for kids right after the wedding in October. But while she waited for the right man she had already begun changing the life of Bridget an orphan girl in South Africa whom she had sponsored at the rate of thousands of dollars a year for more than 4 years. Lindsey never put off something because it might be deemed as hard or that her plate was already full. If it felt right to her there was no better time than the present and no need to ever wait to do the right thing. She is my present inspiration and I hope to be more like her everyday of my future.

Here is the link to a story about us that breaks on Valentines Day in the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

Our Story in the St. Paul Pioneer Press