A moving Picture Story of our Life Together

A picture is worth a thousand words it has been said, well here are a thousand pictures at least that leave me speechless.

Thank you to Joe Peterson for your amazing work to set these to our music. The songs were some of our favorites with the lead one by John Legend being our favorite: “Our Song”.

The video below, Joe and I compiled together and was played January 31, at Tav on The Av for the memorial we held for her. It was well attended but this is the first it has been linked to on the web.

Basically this is a chronological vignette of our love story. It begins with Lindsey’s images from Cambodia in February of 2014 where she tended to the poor and needy while serving on a Missions Team from Woodland Hills Church. Then a before picture of the bathroom I designed and built with my partner KC with Lindsey helping pick out the tile and pick up the supplies with me. Another post will follow this one called Sweat Equity and it describes the process of us not just building a bathroom, but building a love that could change us both as dramatically as the remodel changed her bathroom.

Smile , cry and remember Lindsey, but know and see how much joy she had in her final, best and brightest chapter of her life.

Make sure to click the little gear icon at the bottom of the youtube link and select 720 then go full screen, it’s in HD.