Our Wedding Day October 17,2014

It’s been 3 years of what could of,should of been joy. All I have left are ashes, memories and photographs. I wish I could say that I look back at these images with nothing but the joy contained in them. That is my goal every passing year. I have not achieved it yet. I am consoled though seeing the bliss in our shared smiles. I think the word that describes us the best and the love we shared for one another is: Fearless. For that I smile still and nothing can ever take that from me. We seized this love and held it and enjoyed it and treasured it every day since admitting it to one another. Once we let the genie out of that bottle, neither of us could ever conceive of living another day without the comfort that love brought to us. Our love made the finest versions of ourselves we had ever known.

To each other we were both exceptional people. She was my very best friend, my lover, my peer, my confidant and my fiercest advocate. We were blessed to share two wedding days. I am the luckiest man alive to have been so in love. To get to love so fearlessly and to share that love without reservation is something I know that few ever get to enjoy. I never took it for granted then and I still cherish it to this day.

I miss her, yes of course, but what I miss the most was that “us” we created together. That “us” was unassailable. It was our shield. Neither of us had ever experienced anything quite like it nor do I expect to ever experience it again. It was unique to us and created by us. My wish is for us all to cherish those who have taken on the challenge to love us and return that love without fear. The world would be a much better place if we did.

Love better,live well,remember Lindsey


Below is a link to a slideshow of stills from our wedding day. The images are synced to the capture times so in the beginning it shows us both getting ready and the images from the two photographers images from those moments.






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