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What is this site about & why should you read it?

Lindsey McFadden was my wife and she loved to call me Husband.

Her favorite term of endearment  for me was “Love Of My Life”

I started this blog to memorialize our Love Story.

My hope is that it inspires us toward what I offered as a toast to her with a gathering of our closest friends after her funeral in Green Bay:

Love Better, Live Well, Remember Lindsey

My name is John McFadden. I was Lindsey’s husband. That title is the single greatest accomplishment of my life. To love well and be loved perfectly is my hearts greatest aspiration and one that Lindsey made come true.

I am a Millennial in a Baby Boomer body.

I am a solver of problems. At various stages of my life I have been a Staff Pastor, a Restaurant Manager, a Registered Locksmith. A Live and Studio Sound Engineer a Recording Studio Owner and producer. A life long singer, writer, performer and an actor. I have led and taught worship and owned a Courier Company.

I have been a landlord for over 25 years. Now on occasion I remodel and restore very old property as well as manage property. I am a Still Photographer who enjoys projects that interest me. This has led to travel to far away places for various jobs.
I have been blessed to have worked in Studios that are known worldwide and have been an apprentice and learner from gifted, informed artisans.

I learned from Lindsey in our all too brief time together to avoid judging others and to practice being a positive loving force in this life.
To live and seize every moment. For who knows it may be the last one we have.

Love Better , Live Well, Remember Lindsey

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